Zodiac Auto Insurance Rate

On a more serious note, the book delves into how car accidents and traffic tickets impact auto insurance rates, preventing many people from enjoying the lowest car insurance premiums. Although the article is based on zodiac signs that is quite different scheme than finding a Mechanic in Leichhardt.

Based on a statistical study of 100,000 drivers, Romanov ranks the astrological signs with the safest driving records in the order listed below.

  1. Leo drivers (born July 23 to August 22) finish first, with big egos that are generous and comfortable with sharing the road.
  2. Gemini drivers (born May 21 to June 20) were the second-safest due to their multi-tasking abilities.
  3. Cancer drivers (born June 21 to July 22) are homebodies who consider the road to be part of their extended families.
  4. Virgo drivers (born August 23 to September 22) have a nervous attention to detail, which occasionally results in accidents.
  5. Capricorn drivers (born December 22 to January 19) are goal-oriented with a keen focus on their destinations.
  6. Sagittarius drivers (born November 22 to December 21) are experienced risk takers and are talkative.
  7. Taurus drivers (born April 20 to May 20) are stubborn and have been known to charge at red lights.
  8. Scorpio drivers (born October 23 to November 21) like to get revenge via road rage.
  9. Pisces drivers (born February 19 to March 20) enjoy daydreaming and need to focus their complete attention while driving.
  10. Aries drivers (born March 21 to April 19) have a “me first” child-like nature that drives them into trouble.
  11. Aquarius drivers (born January 20 to February 18) are impulsive and often speed to show their rebellion.
  12. Libra drivers (born September 23 to October 22) crave balance and consensus but are indecisive during rush-hour traffic.

Astrological Signs and Traffic Tickets

Lee Romanov, president of insurancehotline.com, found that the astrological signs with the fewest traffic tickets are as shown in the order listed below.

  1. Gemini
  2. Sagittarius
  3. Virgo
  4. Cancer
  5. Leo
  6. Scorpio
  7. Taurus
  8. Libra
  9. Capricorn
  10. Aquarius
  11. Aries
  12. Pisces

According to the 100,000-driver study, multi-tasking Geminis get the least traffic tickets, while daydreaming Pisces get the most.

Astrological Signs and Accidents

Astrological Signs with the fewest accidents are listed below, with the best-driving signs topping the list.

  1. Leo
  2. Cancer
  3. Gemini
  4. Virgo
  5. Taurus
  6. Pisces
  7. Sagittarius
  8. Aquarius
  9. Aries
  10. Capricorn
  11. Scorpio
  12. Libra

Romanov’s study concludes that big-ego Leos experience the least traffic accidents, while indecisive Libras are involved in the most.

Zodiac Car Insurance Premiums

Of course in real life, actuaries spend years scientifically calculating auto insurance premiums based on an array of such mathematical factors as age, gender, driving record, type of car and geographic location.

Credible statistics used to discount insurance rates probably won’t change any time soon to include reductions for Leo and Gemini drivers. Still, Car Carma draws attention to driving accomplishments like few traffic tickets and clean driving records that do result in lower auto insurance premiums.

Besides, while legendary Scottish racer Jackie Stewart is a Gemini, the world’s most famous female race car driver Danica Patrick is an Aires.

And what about Italian-American superstar Mario Andretti, one of the most successful drivers in the history of auto racing? Mario happens to be a Pisces.